SnowGlobed Success.

We had a wonderful first event with different acts. 17 Artists. A 50+ person audience and a whole lot of holiday cheer. 

It was an absolute pleasure to bring together an evening of performances with so many different styles, ages, genres and variations on the prompt ‘holiday inspired.’ It was such a fun experience for us we cannot wait to do it again next month! A whole different evening with different collaborators and a new & [hopefully] inspiring prompt for our artists. 

Pictures from SnowGlobed will be coming soon! Can’t wait to show you what fun we had.

We hope you’ll be able to come and play in 2012! 

- Playing in Progress

PS - If you’re a Puget Sound based performer, actor, writer, director, artist and are interested in getting involved please email us at We are always looking for new collaborators! 

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